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PDF Pattern Printing


Lakes Makerie now offers PDF pattern printing.

Send us your PDF pattern(s) here and we will print them for you.

We've added a large-format printer to the shop so we now can print AO sizes (on 36" x 48" pages) and US copy shop sizes (36" x variable length). AO sizes cost $4.00 per page. Larger page sizes average $1.00 per 12". We fold the pages for shipping to approximately 12" x 9."

To get started, click the "Browse" button above to select the PDF from your files. Then, choose the paper size (round up if you don't see your size) and the number of pages. If your PDF contains layering, please specify preferred size(s) in the comment field. Now, add your file and choices to the cart. At checkout, remember to select shipping ($8.95) or local pick-up.

Don't worry if you don't see the exact page size for your PDF. We will review your order and contact you if any changes are needed.