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Magnetic Ceramic Button Needle Holder from Cohana, Japan, multiple colorways


Cute as a button!

Cohana’s colors really shine in their sweet ceramic magnetic button! Use them  as needle rests or small pin cushions. They work equally well as paperclip holders or decorative magnets.

Shigaraki-ware is distinguished by its earthy charm, which conveys a sense of simplicity. Its look as a connecting with the spirit of wabi-sabi, the beauty of natural imperfection. Made by Meizan Gama, a ceramics manufacturer founded in 1622 in Koka, Shiga Prefecture. The skilled craftspeople at Meizan Gama continue to create works with warmth, the the living thing that is the earth firmly within their view. Great consideration has been given to the application of the glaze and the choice and use of firing methods, so that you can feel the warmth earth and humanity that emanate from within these small pieces of ceramic art. 

Made in Japan

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