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Flat rate $8.95 shipping or Free shipping on USA orders over $200

Assembly Line, Pull On Trousers Pattern, two size ranges, Sweden


Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing!
We will guide you through all the steps of assembling this easy-to-sew pattern into a trouser.

The Pull on trousers have a normal waist and wide, full-length legs. The waistband, which is a regular elastic band that is pulled the waistband, simplifies the fit and makes them well-cut on many. You can choose to sew them with or without pockets and a side stripe.

The pattern is divided in three different variants, so you can develop your sewing skills as you get more experienced if you are a complete beginner. Starting with the easiest possible trouser ( Trouser No 1 – with no pocket or side strip) and adding a pocket (Trouser No 2 – with pocket) and finally adding a side strip (Trouser No 3 - with pocket & side strip). For even more effect you can use a deviant-coloured fabric for your side stripe. 

Find the Men's pattern here.

Female model is 170 cm tall and wearing a size S, male model is 190 cm and wearing a size L. 

Suggested fabrics

• Plain weave fabric of cotton, linen/flax, viscose, wool or fabric blends of these (120-300 gsm/3.5-9 oz)  

• Lightweight twill of cotton or a cotton blend (130-240 gsm/4-7 oz) 

You will also need

• Elastic 4 cm width
   WOMEN: XS 71 cm , S 79 cm, M 87 cm , L 97 cm, XL 108 cm , 2XL 119 cm, 3XL 130 cm
   MEN: S 81 cm , M 89 cm, L 99 cm , XL 111 cm   

• Matching thread 

• Fusible interfacing 30 cm 

• A large safety pin 

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