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Merchant & Mills, Crisp British Oilskin (Deadstock), Forest, 1/4 yard


A water resistant cotton blend in khaki green. It has a crisp feel with a dry handle. Unlike normal oilskin there would be no oil transfer, so you don’t need to line your garment or bag.

Perfect for making light weight breathable outerwear, hats or bags

This is a deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabric is excess fabric from fashion designers, movie sets, and fabric mills that is no longer needed for the job it was originally intended for. It is not reorderable, so when it’s gone, it’s really gone.

50% nylon/50% cotton, 150cm wide, 6.2 oz /165gsm.

Made in the UK.

Care: Hand wash only, cool setting iron. Do not use any interfacing with this type of cloth.

Price per full yard is  $28. 

Price listed is per quarter yard (9" linear), please order in multiples for desired total yardage (example: for 1/2 yard enter "2" for quantity, for 1 1/2 yards enter "6" for quantity). Fabric will be shipped in contiguous, uncut yardage unless otherwise requested.

You can double check your yardage using this chart.

If you would like coordinating thread go here, and give us a note in your order comments telling us which fabric to match to.

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