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Handmade Getaway-Book, Karyn Valino and Jacqueline Sava


Handmade getaway is a project-based book that guides you through planning and creating a perfect sewing adventure filled with fabric, friends and food.

Whether you’re just learning how to sew or you’re an advanced maker, you’ll find inspiration in the pages of this book. Organized into five chapters, it covers everything from planning to execution – whether you only have a few hours to spend or you’re planning a multi-day getaway. Each chapter covers fabric, friends and food, with tips and resources to help you plan. 

Between projects, charts and pro tips are photographs by Karyn Valino. Karyn has been documenting the getaways since 2011 and has a resource of thousands of images from these semi-annual trips. The book also features a tear-away pattern sheet at 100%, making it not only a beautiful, but functional.


“After years of hosting our own homemade getaways, we’ve maximized small spaces, devised plans for sharing responsibilities around food and supplies, and created a coveted experience everyone looks forward to all year round. We’ve learned lessons that only come with years of experience – and the biggest one is that a little planning goes a long way.”


 “We are so proud of the work we’ve done, the projects we’ve created and the knowledge we’ve gathered – and we’re so excited to share it with our sewing community.”

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