Blue Citrus Embroidery Sampler by Seed Stitch Studio – Lakes Makerie
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Blue Citrus Embroidery Sampler by Seed Stitch Studio


One printed sampler to be embroidered by you! You provide the hoop.

2 size 7 needles and 6 yards of various blue threads are included.

The Blue Citrus Sampler is your blueprint for learning 6 embroidery stitches - French Knot, Honeycomb Filling, Open Fishbone, Danish Knot, Leaf Stitch, and Long & Short Stitch. Each "slice" has a drawing of the stitch to help you get started, with the assumption that you’re able to learn the mechanics of the stitch on your own (either online or books).

The samplers are designed to whet your appetite for exploring what each stitch is capable of and embracing the imperfections. One of my favorite things to do is try out different types of threads (if you can fit it through the eye of a needle, you can probably stitch with it!) and also discovering how stitches look layered.

Each sampler guides you through 6 new stitches (save for red, which sneaks in 7) and if you want to complete them all, you can stitch them up into your own embroidery reference/sketch book. Have fun!

The printed portion of the sampler is 5" x 5" with plenty of surrounding space to finish as you like.