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Wool Ironing Mat, 14 x 14"


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We love having this ironing mat right next to the sewing machine to save trips back and forth to the ironing board. This 14 x 14" mat is 1/2 inch thick and made from 100% New Zealand wool. The mat holds fabric still and helps to prevent stretching, accommodates pinning/ blocking. The wool retains heat so it's like ironing from both sides at once!

Use steam with care as wool is porous and heavy moisture could reach the surface the mat it sitting on (This hasn't been a problem for me on my IKEA sewing table, and I wouldn't use the mat on a piece of valuable or heirloom furniture). Remember not to place your ironing mat on your cutting mat. OK for use with starch alternative such as Flatter, though use of actual starch is not recommended.

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