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Warp & Weft Heirloom Wovens- Chore Coat Stripe-Sunset, 1/2 yard


For the Warp & Weft Heirloom Collection, Alexia has brought back her heavier Chore Coat cotton in a variety of new patterns - Linework Heavyweight, Chore Coat Stripe, and Woven Texture Stripe are all the same substantial but drapey, slubby soft cotton fabric as Chore Coat from the original Warp & Weft Collection. This version of Chore Coat is off white with narrow woven stripes of lavender, persimmon, cactus, and dahlia.

High quality textured cotton, 43/44"” wide, India

Suggested patterns: Deer and Doe Nenuphar, Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs, Papercut Sapporo Coat, Papercut Grainline Tamarack, Merchant & Mills Top 64, Merchant & Mills Francine, Merchant & Mills Fielder Top or Dress, Closet Case Sienna Maker's Jacket

Price is per half yard, please order in multiples for desired total yardage (example: for 2 1/2 yards enter "5" for quantity). Fabric will be shipped in uncut yardage unless otherwise requested.

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