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Heartwood Toile- Blue, 1/2 yard


Price is per half yard, please order in multiples for desired total yardage (example: for 2 1/2 yards enter "5" for quantity). Fabric will be shipped in uncut yardage unless otherwise requested.

100% cotton, medium (quilting) weight, 44" wide

This delightful toile depicts hill and dale, and all the little animals of the forest. Flocks of birds wing through the trees, where squirrels and songbirds hide. The fox, deer, hedgehog and hare play peacefully on the forest floor. Swans, geese and ducks (even a little grey duck) float on the water and a big barn owl swoops through on silent wings. As a child, I could have spent hours lost these scenes and making up stories about them. It turns out that, as an adult I still can...

also available in Grey