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Mitered Corner Napkins, Table Cloth or Table Runner, Saturday February 16, 1-4 PM


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Learning to make napkins is easy and very satisfying. Once you've mastered the perfectly mitered corner, you're off and running. If you don't like pressing and measuring, make them reversible instead (it's even easier...) What better way to get to appreciate your favorite fabrics and a way that is useful, personal and good for the environment. It turns out making napkins is much more fun (and way less expensive) than buying them!

Each set of four mitered napkins uses about 1 1/2 yard  of fabric .

Fabric requirement for tablecloth or  runner will vary with the size of your table. Just bring along your tables dimensions and we'll help you sort it out.

This is a "learn to sew" level project soon prior sewing machine experience is required.