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On a Spring Day - Blossom - Clear Sky Canvas Fabric, 1/2 yard


Loes Van Oosten is a wonderful designer from the western seaside of the Netherlands. Her skillfully created handmade stamps, block prints and silkscreens all share the simple “Loes” elegance. The magical simplicity of her designs always begin with paper and pencil. She strives to translate the joy she receives from working with her hands into all of her designs. 

Loes’ inspiration comes from details she observes in nature or from simple everyday objects that catches her attention.

100% cotton, quilting weight, 44" wide

Price is per half yard, please order in multiples for desired total yardage (example: for 2 1/2 yards enter "5" for quantity). Fabric will be shipped in uncut yardage unless otherwise requested.

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