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Botanical Dyeing with Kim, Some Sundays, Fall 2022 (updated)


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Dyeing with Botanicals

Dyeing with Plants is as much about Chemistry as Alchemy; as much Process as Artistry. It's messy, a little unpredictable, last but not least, it’s quite a lot of fun, especially when our Kim in involved.

Throughout the summer Lakes Makerie will be setting up the big new Tent in our behind the shop for some fun outdoor classes. Kim will fire up the Dye Pots on six Sundays this summer and guide students through the process of achieving beautifully dyed fabrics using plants. Attend all six or choose the ones that suit your interest. 

Each class will include 4 hours of hands-on fabric dyeing to produce a range of colors and access to at least three different natural dye pots and four mordant pots, as well as  Six Fat Quarters (18”x22”pieces ) of a variety undyed textiles chosen from Lakes Makerie. The best part? We'll set up and clean up. All you have to do is get messy, have fun and then take your beautiful naturally dyed fabrics home, admire them, and decide what you will make with them.

$85/class, plus $25 materials fee.   

Sign up for more than one class (for yourself or for you and a friend) and pay $70/ class (a $30 savings on two registrations) Enter code BOTANICAL30 at checkout.

Sundays 12-4 pm (see dates below). Weather permitting, we will arrange raincheck dates for inclement weather.

4 student minimum, 8 student maximum

Sunday, Aug 28. Preparing Textiles for Plant Dyes. Learn about mordants and scouring and  compare colors using a variety of dyes and mordants on a range of fabrics. Then practice what you learned!

Sunday, Sep 11 .  Autumn Botanical Dyeing.  Capture fresh botanical color from all that Minnesota has to offer in Autumn.

Sunday, Sep. 18. Flower Pounding for Autumn Color. Capture fresh botanical color from flowers and leaves on cloth using  the simplest of tools and learn to accent with embroidery afterward. 

Sunday, Sep 25. Steam Bundling on SilkUse steam and direct contact printing of leaves and flowers, rusty metals, berries and vines to draw out color and silhouette shapes. We will have a basket of various botanicals to use. If there is a plant you would like to try, cut some and bring it along - the fresher the better. We will have silk and cotton fabrics washed and premordanted for each student.

Sunday, Oct 2. Open Dye Pots Redux. Let's do it again. Bring your own fabric, fiber (yarn) or garment (50¢/oz) or pay materials fee and receive 6 fat quarters of promordanted fabrics ($25). Your textile should be scoured (well washed) and mordanted to be ready to accept the dyes in 4 dyepots (onion, black walnut, dyer's chamomile and indigo).

Questions drop us an email or call...


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